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Snake 8 Ball Pool APK v1.0.9.3 – Free Download

Snake 8 Ball Pool APK is a hybrid game combining snake and pool elements, allowing players to collect balls, making the snake grow longer. Featuring challenging levels, stunning graphics, and multiple game modes, it offers nostalgic gameplay and fun for all ages. Play solo or online against global players.


Pool is one of the novel indoor games that people play in their leisure time. However, because it is expensive, not everyone can afford to have a pool game board in their house. However, due to the development of mobile apps, it is now possible to play pool games on your mobile phone. Snake 8 Ball Pool APK brings you an opportunity to experience the fun of playing pool games from the comfort of your home.

Snake 8 Ball Pool is unique in its nature since this game incorporates the features of classical snake games into traditional pool games. However, if you have ever played pool games physically, you will play this game online with many other players all over the world. Also, online pooling is more fun because it provides you with more features to precisely collect the balls. The more balls you collect, the bigger the snake will grow.

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About the Snake 8 Ball Pool APK

Snake 8 Ball Pool APK brings a nostalgic feeling of time when you used to play pool games physically. Now, thanks to technology, you can play pool games on your mobile or laptop devices. Also, get a chance to play with world-class players from across the globe. Unlike traditional billiard games, this one offers you more features and flexibility in playing. The game is simple to play. Using a snake, you will eat the balls one by one and get longer and longer. Try to avoid hitting the snake’s body and the boundary.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you can play this game to your full potential. Fun and excitement while playing the game are guaranteed. With its stunning graphics and animations, you will become addicted to playing this game for hours. Furthermore, there is no restriction on age or gender. Anyone from any part of the world can install and play this game at their own pace.

Key Features of the Snake 8 Ball Pool APK

  • Hybrid Gameplay: It is quite a simple game to play. There are balls scattered all over the table. You will move the snake and try to collect as much as you can. While you collect the balls, the snake will grow longer and longer. So, it is a hybrid game of snake and poll.
  • Snake Elements: You will have control of the snake. Once the game starts, you can control the snake and move it in any direction you want. But keep in mind that your goal is to eat more and more balls and grow the size of a snake.
  • Objective: The main objective of the game is to blend the snake and pool games into a single game. In the pool game, you play a precise shot, and in the snake game, your goal is to make the snake grow by eating the balls. However, in this game, these two games are blended. You will use both skills to play the best shot and not touch the snake’s body while eating the balls one by one.
  • Challenging Levels: Like any other game, without challenges, this game will be boring. Therefore, in this game, you will see that as you progress in the game, it becomes tougher to stay to the end. There are different levels, starting with easy, followed by medium, and finally the hardest level.
  • Solo Challenge: There are multiple game modes available for you. One of them is a solo challenge where you can practice and improve your skills and strategies. So, if you play in multiple modes or in any tournament, you will be a very competitive player.
  • Visual and Sound: Due to its stunning graphics, you will love this game. Moreover, the realistic sound effects make it even more interesting. You will hear the sound while the snake moves and eats any ball.

Additional Features of the Snake 8 Ball Pool APK

  • Customization options
  • User-friendly interface
  • No ads
  • Easy to install
  • Achievements and rewards
  • Play offline
  • Regular updates
  • Intuitive control


To sum up, Snake 8 Ball Pool APK is a hybrid game where you will experience the snake game and pool game in a single app. Yes, in this fusion of two games, you will have a nostalgic feeling. If you have played both games in your life, you will love to play this one. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and start playing this interesting game. Also, don’t forget to share this app with your friends and family who used to play the snake or pool game previously.

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