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Back Alley Tales APK v1.1.3 -Free Download

Back Alley Tales APK is a narrative-based 2D pixel game inspired by Japanese anime, featuring a storyline where you play as a security guard uncovering secrets through camera recordings. It offers unique gameplay, multiple story endings, and interactive character dialogues, aimed at adult users and enhancing skills in decision-making and communication.


We introduce to you an amazing narrative-based game that you can play on your mobile devices or PC and have an entertaining experience. There are millions of video games available on the internet that you can play. However, Back Alley Tales APK offers you a completely unique experience. Unlike any other video game, this one allows you to have multiple endings to the story.

Sometimes games can offer you more than entertainment. For example, if you play this game, you can learn decision-making skills. Also, you can learn problem-solving skills and improve your reflexes when you play combat. Nevertheless, communication is one of the key parts of these games. So, if you play this game, you can also improve your communication skills.

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About the Back Alley Tales APK

Back Alley Tales APK offers you a new kind of story-driven gameplay. It has an interesting storyline with amazing pixel graphics. With its 4000-pixel animations, you will experience a new kind of gameplay that you may have never played in your life. When it comes to anime, Japanese anime comes to mind. Yes, you are right. This game is inspired by Japanese anime style to engage the users.

In the pixel art games, Back Alley Tales stands as one of the best games. However, be mindful that this game is in 2D. So, most of the game involves dialogue and conversations. Moreover, this game is intended for adult users because of the mature content in it. So, you should not play this game if you are under 18 years old.

Furthermore, the game offers you an opportunity to meet and interact with beautiful characters that will enrich your experience. There are around four female characters with whom you will interact most of the time. Each character is unique in their skills and functionalities. You must learn how to interact with each character separately.

Story Overview of the Back Alley Tales APK

As the name of the game implies, there are different tales you need to uncover. You will act as a security guard who has control over many cameras. You will use these cameras to uncover the secret behind different stories or tales. Wherever you need, you can use the zoom functionality to have a clear image of the recordings and much more.

The setting of the story is a small town where you must encounter different stories every day. Camera surveillance will be your everyday job. The game offers you many different elements that you can use to make quick decisions and blend the story in whatever way you want. Also, the game mechanics are very smooth. You will enjoy the overall experience while playing this game.

Key Features of the Back Alley Tales APK 

  • Gameplay: The gameplay is very interesting and enthusiastic. In the game, you will experience many twists and turns that will add more fun to your gaming experience.
  • Point-and-Click Interaction: With this feature, you can easily control the whole game with a few clicks. If you want to interact with any character, just point and click to start a conversation with that character.
  • Characters: There are different characters in the game. However, the most interesting ones are the four female characters, who are not allowed to meet in the darkest alleys. These characters include a policeman, businesswoman, wife, and blonde.
  • Different Locations: The overall game atmosphere is unique. There are more than 12 unique locations where you will find yourself playing the game. Also, you will discover 50 premium pixel animations.
  • Zoom Feature: While investigating any story in your camera recording, you can use the zoom feature. This feature will allow you to have more detailed information about the situation.
  • Live 2D Pixel Animation: 4000+ pixel animations will allow you to bring these characters to life with smooth motion.
  • Gallery Mode: In the gallery mode, you can revisit your previous discoveries. If you need any kind of information, you can get it by visiting gallery mode.


To sum up, Back Alley Tales APK is a 2D pixel anime game inspired by Japanese anime. With its user-friendly interface and interesting storyline, this narrative-based game offers you unlimited entertainment. The story of the game revolves around finding the secrets of different tales using camera recordings. You will act as a police officer, and you can interact with the other four major characters. So, download the app now and start uncovering different tales.