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My Cute Roommate APK v1.1.0 – Free Download

My Cute Roommate APK is an adult simulation game where players navigate the life of a recent college graduate. The game involves daily challenges, character customization, mini-games, and the potential for multiple endings. It focuses on relationships, dialogue, and city life, offering a visually appealing 2D experience.


Every one of us must face the challenges of life. Adulthood is the time when we face most of our life challenges. We go to college, we meet different people, and we learn a lot of things once we turn into adults and face life realities. So, if you are interested in knowing exactly what challenges we usually face, you can play My Cute Roommate APK to learn about and experience adult life.

Particularly designed for adult audiences, this game will take you on an adventure through life. You will be the protagonist, who is a recent college graduate. Now he has the option to go to university and, at the same time, enter the real world of corporate life. You will be in the city, and city life is no doubt very different and challenging compared to village life.

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Story Overview of the My Cute Roommate APK

The story of My Cute Roommate APK revolves around a character who is a recent college graduate. Now he enters the city, where he needs to stay in an apartment. In your apartment, you will be accompanying your cousin, whom you have not seen for years. Living with your cousin can be a challenge as well as an advantage for you.

Your cousin will be your roommate, and you need to share your stuff with your cousin. So, if you want to proceed in the game, you must complete daily challenges. For example, going to university, making meals, doing shopping, and many other daily activities. You can also move around the city and explore it, interacting with beautiful girls. You can also make meaningful relationships with the girls in your city.

Since the game is in 2D and a major part of the game is through dialogue, So, you must master the art of communication. You will convey your message through meaningful dialogue. If you are good at making conversation, you can make good relationships and create an interesting storyline for this game. It all depends on your choices and actions. Make choices and create an amazing storyline.

Key Features of the My Cute Roommate APK

  • Storyline: The story of the game starts with a protagonist graduating from college and entering university life. It is a very interesting story. However, you can change the fate of the story through your actions and choices.
  • Character Customization: Now you can customize the appearance and personality traits of your characters. Either you can change their clothes or their facial characteristics; you can do it accordingly.
  • Mini-Games and Challenges: In addition to the main storyline, you can also engage yourself with other mini-games and challenges in the game. These challenges will keep you entertained for hours.
  • Multiple Endings:The best part about this simulation game is that you can end the story in many ways. You are the main character, and the fate of the story entirely depends on your choices and decisions.
  • Stunning Graphics: The visual design is so amazing that you will love to play it. Attention to detail is what makes the graphics so appealing and eye-catching. However, keep in mind that this is not a 3D game; it is a 2D game.


To sum up, My Cute Roommate APK is a stunning simulation game. This game is particularly praised for its visual design and narrative style. Designed for adult users, you can play this game on your PC or mobile device. The game will allow you to explore a person’s life after college graduation. So, download the app now and start a new gaming journey with the Cute Roommate App.

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