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College Brawl APK v1.0 – Free Download

College Brawl APK is a 2D narrative game that immerses players in a college experience, featuring the protagonist Ken who faces challenges, makes friends, and overcomes foes. With story-driven gameplay, a combat system, social interactions, character customization, and skills upgrades, it offers an engaging simulation of college life.


College is one of the best parts of anyone’s life. Most of us go to college and spend many years there, making memories for the rest of our lives. Now, if you look back, those days are only memories. However, to bring those memories back, developers have come up with a game that will take you on an adventure to your college days. College Brawl APK is an action-packed game where you will experience college life again.

Nevertheless, if you have not been to college before, this is also a good opportunity for you to experience college life beforehand. You will come to know what challenges you will face when you go to college. Also, the game will take you on a journey a journey to explore the opportunities that a typical college offers to its students.

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Story Overview of the College Brawl APK

The story of the College Brawl APK revolves around a protagonist who has just entered college. You will act as the main player and explore new opportunities and experiences. However, like any other person, you will face a lot of challenges along the way. Overcoming those challenges will be your purpose, and by overcoming those challenges, you will proceed in the game.

Ken is a new student at this college. Initially, he didn’t have any friends. Sometimes other students try to bully him. However, Ken is a very determined student, and he keeps trying his best to adjust to the college environment. Gradually, you will make friends, but remember that you will also be making foes. You must tackle them carefully if you want to win this game.

You must learn basic fighting skills. For example, how to defend yourself in an emergency. Also, you must learn how to protect your friends because they will be in continuous danger. However, you have limited resources and a short a short life span. You must use it carefully. If you fight, you will be losing your health. Then, you need to utilize your other resources to restore your health.

Key Features of the College Brawl APK

  • Story-Driven Gameplay: This is 2D narrative gameplay that you can play on your mobile device. The game has an interesting story with multiple endings. Your actions and decisions are going to play an important role in this game. Also, dialogues are an important part of this narrative game.
  • Combat System: The game is set in a college atmosphere where you will interact with other college students. Like any typical college, you have challenges. You must win those battles to progress in the game. You can use different weapons and fighting techniques to defeat your opponents.
  • Social Interaction: Making interactions with other characters in the community is also part of the game. You make friendships, and if you need to, you can also make alliances to fight your opponent. Nevertheless, you will always have rivalries.
  • Character Customization: Now you can customize your characters as you wish. Players have the option to change the outfit, traits, and many other features of their characters. Also, you can make improvements by customizing your rooms and the overall atmosphere of the game.
  • Skills Upgrade: There are different weapons you can use to fight your opponent. However, the most important thing is how you can use those weapons. Therefore, skill is very important. Now you can use the tools available in the game to upgrade your skills and become a real worrier.
  • New Characters: Anko is a female worrier. She will be your company throughout the game. However, if Anko gets into trouble, you must come forward to protect and save her. In your bad times, she will always be there to save you.
  • Resources: HP represents your health. You must collect items to improve your health. For example, you can collect sushi, chicken, etc. when they get dropped after the match finishes.


To sum up, College Brawl APK is an amazing simulation game that brings back college memories. The story of the game revolves around Ken, who enters a college where he meets his companion, Anko, who supports him with everything. The game lets you explore many amazing things. Moreover, you will experience an emotional connection with these characters. So, download the College Brawl app now and start a new gaming journey. 

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